Make We Music

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We are an ensemble of 5 musicians, voices and recorders, presenting songs and instrumental music from many centuries for audiences of all ages.

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Music Hath Charms to Soothe a Savage Beast

Music throughout the ages has given to human beings sound which one may perceive with the senses, contemplate with the mind and experience with feelings. Everyone has the capacity to integrate multiple musical elements to provide pleasure, to enhance emotions and to inspire.

“As a musician I believe the arts have an essential role in guiding our ability to reflect and develop compassion for all of life. In the performance of our musical programs we strive to communicate both awareness and values to our listeners. I take very seriously my responsibility as artist and musician to present music new and old with instruments and voices. I am fortunate to be supported by other talented musicians who enhance this endeavor”.

Jacqueline Devillers, Director